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Is it necessary to have Vest for Your ESA Cat?

Many people see the service dogs wearing the vest and wonder if their emotional support animal needs to wear one too? The simplest answer to a frequently asked question that whether an emotional support cat needs to wear a vest or not, is No!

However, the laws related to a service animal and emotional support animal is confusing as it might lead the owners of emotional support cat to think that they might need to buy a vest for their ESA. The roles and functions of these are generally confused too. But not even the service animals need to wear the vest in the public. However, the owners make them wear a vest for easy identification and harness for easy control.Some people dont know can dogs eat almonds or not but they advice others.

Why it does not need?
An emotional support cat does not need to wear a vest when out in public. It is because of the reason that the purpose of keeping an emotional support cat is only to help the owner with mental illness like bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and schizophrenia, etc. They do not perform any specific action or assist in any physical disability. Thus, they do not need to wear a vest. 
What does it need for identification instead?
They do not need vest but they need an emotional support letter verifying that the owner needs an ESA for improvement in mental health. Request your medical health professional to issue you an emotional support dog letter for traveling and housing purposes. In this way, you will be able to keep your emotional support animals with you at home and even take it on a flight. If someone asks for the verification of an emotional support cat, the owner can simply provide a copy of the emotional support animal letter. 

Should an owner buy one?
Even though it is not compulsory, we advise the owners of emotional support cats to buy them a vest. It is easy to recognize the cat when out in public and other people will know it is an emotional support cat too. And they will refrain from hurting it. The vest comes with a harness. When out in public, the emotional support cat must be under control of the owner all the time. It should not cause chaos or make loud noises. It is easy to handle an emotional support cat which is wearing a vest do it doesn’t run around when in public. 

Which vest to buy?
By now the owners of emotional support cat must be wondering which emotional support cat vest to buy for their ESA cats. Many tailors sew the vest according to the size of the animals. And they are also available at the pet stores in different sizes to suit the cats of all sizes that are mentioned in ESA Letter. Many emotional support cat vests are available in different styles and colors. It is always better to buy one that is in orange or yellow color. The vest should be made out of fabric which is breathable. Some cats are allergic to certain fabrics. The emotional support cat owner must take that into account before buying the vest. 

How to take measurements for the vest?
Before you buy one, try it on your emotional support cat to check if it fits well. The vest should be a little loose because, in summers, it can be very hot. You should be aware that cats grow quickly. For taking the measurements, measure the girth of the chest of emotional support cat. Depending upon the style of the vest, also measure the circumference of the neck of the emotional support cat.Your vet can guide you about can dogs eat clementines.
This is the complete guide for the owners of emotional support cat to help them choose a vest. Choose the best one, after all, they deserve the best too!

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